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Supernatural episode Mystery Spot in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Heat of the Moment is on the radio
Sam awakes to hear the song play
But little does Sam know
The strange things that will occur this Tuesday

To a diner
The Winchesters go
“Pig ‘n a Poke” Dean’s order
Such a funny name you know

The waitress with the order
Hot sauce on the floor
Just a careless mistake
But more surprises are in store

A young woman passing out fliers
Movers on the street
Faces in the crowd
Are part of the mystery the brothers greet

Late at night
To the Mystery Spot
This tourist attraction is where the Winchesters go
But the Mystery Spot owner thinks they’re burglars
The gun in his hand fires killing Dean
Sadly it is so

Sam is now back in the motel
Dean is singing to the Heat of the Moment song
For an experienced supernatural hunter
Sam realizes something is definitely wrong

Today is Tuesday
But yesterday was Tuesday too
The day repeats in an endless loop
What is a Winchester to do

The young woman is still passing out fliers
The golden retriever and movers are not too far
When Dean steps out into the street
He is killed by a speeding car

Choking on a sausage
The tacos taste funny too
Dean keeps dying
And Tuesday repeats
What’s his younger brother Sam to do

Every time Dean dies
Sam awakes in the motel to the same Asia song
The never-ending Tuesday of Dean Winchester’s death
Sadly is much too long

Slipping in the shower
Death by an axe and too much blood
Dean dies over and over and over again
Tuesday repeats like the fury of a flood

Then one day a break
A diner patron is the key
Strawberry syrup instead of maple on his pancake
Nothing ever changed this Tuesday you see

Sam follows the diner patron
It turns out to be the Trickster who is to blame
Yet when Wednesday does come
Dean is still killed in a botched robbery all the same

Sam is on a mission
Revenge on the Trickster is his quest
Tracking the Trickster an obsession
Hunting is what Sam Winchester does best

Bobby Singer calls
He has a way to locate the Trickster you see
A gallon of blood and to bleed a victim dry
Sam kills Bobby without even blinking an eye

You’re not Bobby
Is what Sam said
But when the body on the floor doesn’t disappear
Sam becomes afraid

A moment later the body vanishes
The Trickster appears and grabs the wooden stake
He wants to teach Sam a lesson
Why can’t Sam get it for goodness sake

Dean is your weakness
Get that in that thick Cro-Magnon head
This is the Trickster’s insult
But does Sam even hear the words said

Sam continues to beg
Please bring Dean back
The Trickster now seems bored
Reversing time he has the knack

Back in the motel
Dean is alive in the motel
And a different song on the radio does play
Sam is grateful
For the beauty of Wednesday