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Supernatural episode Jus in Bello in verse by Tracy Diane Miller
In a hotel room
The Winchesters break in
Determined to retrieve the Colt
From Bela again

But in the room
Bela the boys don’t find
Although some of her things
She left behind

On the phone Bela calls to taunt
The police burst in
Months of pursing the fugitive Winchesters
For Hendrickson did haunt

In handcuffs and on the floor
Sam and Dean
Have yet to realize
What the day has in store

A small town Colorado police station
With limited staff Hendrickson can tell
The sheriff doesn’t like taking orders
From the FBI as well

In a jail cell Sam and Dean are handcuffed together
Hendrickson says to the boys
That once they’re transferred to a super maximum prison
They will never see each other

FBI Deputy Director Groves comes to Colorado
Talking to the Winchesters while the boys are in the cell
Sam and Dean get a surprise for Groves is possessed
Sporting black demon eyes

Groves shoots Dean
The elder Winchester who is wounded and falls in the cell
Sam wrestles the gun from Groves
And performs an exorcism as well

Hendrickson charges in
Sam fears he will be shot
Demonic possessed Groves has been dead
For months so killing the FBI Deputy Director
The Winchesters did not

Even after his partner Reddy is killed
Hendrickson thinks the Winchesters
Monster talk is crazy
An intent to deceive
Hendrickson refuses to believe
For the supernatural is something
Hendrickson can’t conceive

However after Hendrickson himself
Is possessed and kills the sheriff
And outside a crowd of demons are poised for a deadly quest
Hendrickson fights alongside of the Winchesters
Giving his best

Nancy the secretary
Hendrickson and the deputy
Along with Sam and Dean
Are captives in the police station
Will a demonic victory be seen

When Ruby fights her way into the police station
To save them all
She has a plan
To sacrifice Nancy the virgin you understand

No one kill any virgins
Dean Winchester said
We will fight
Facing any demons ahead

First they block the doors
With lines of salt
Later the police station doors are opened
To confront the demons assault

Salt rounds in guns
Then a mass exorcism on a loud speaker
Comes the demons way
Such ingenuity saves the day

After the Winchesters leave the police station
The victory is bittersweet
For powerful demon Lilith in a little girl’s meatsuit
Destroys the police station
Death the occupants meet