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Supernatural episode Time is on My Side in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Erie, PA
Many victims fall prey
To a menace that steals
Their organs away

Is it a zombie
The Winchesters query
For a zombie thief
Makes a credible theory

Yet in John Winchester’s journal
Sam found
So many stories
Of Doc Benton around

Doc Benton
Wanted the key
To eternal life
Immortal he sought to be

To harvest organs
Without regard to a victim’s fear
Doc Benton’s goal
Was to add on years

Meanwhile against the clock
Dean does race
To find Bela and the Colt
The elder Winchester will chase

Bobby calls the boys
With Bela Talbot intel
A hunter named Rufus Turner
Who can help them find Bela as well

Sam will find Doc Benton
While to talk to Rufus is where Dean will go
Time is running out on the demon deal
Anyway Dean can help himself he really needs to know

Dean knocks on Rufus’ door
But the veteran hunter doesn’t endear
Dean breaks the ice with a bottle of Scotch
Later Rufus asks if Dean did Bela’s ear

Sam finds Doc Benton’s
And a hostage with maggots on her arm
The younger Winchester rescues the young woman
Then removes her from harm

Sam flees with the woman
Doc Benton is on Sam’s trail
The younger Winchester runs over Benton with a car
Thus Sam can prevail

Dean is able to find Bela
At the Erie Hotel
The Colt is gone
But Dean doesn’t kill Bela
To her surprise as well

Back at their hotel
Sam calls Dean
And about Doc Benton he informs
But the call is cut short
Sam a victim of Doc Benton’s chloroform

Strapped to Doc Benton’s table
Sam may lose an eye
But Dean rides in to save the day
Incapacitating Doc Benton with chloroform
Even though Doc Benton can’t die

Doc Benton awakes
And discovers he’s buried alive
His immortality formula buried with him
Sam looks on heartbroken
Now how will Dean survive

Bela goes to the Winchesters’ hotel
She shoots the figures in the bed
But the bullets puncture inflatable dolls
The brothers are clearly not dead

Time is up for Bela
Time is not on her side
For soon hellhounds will come calling
No place for Bela to hide