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Supernatural episode Lazarus Rising in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean Winchester awakes
In a pine box underground
A hunter digs out from his grave
After his death by vicious hellhounds
A mystery how he was saved

Dean walks to a gas station
In a mirror he sees a hand print burned on his arm
Dean has no idea what caused this brand
Not yet time to feel alarm

Grabbing some money from the register
Protein bars and water too
Dean hears a piercing sound
And the glass shatters
What’s a resurrected hunter to do

Dean calls Sam on a pay phone
Not reaching his brother he calls Bobby too
But Bobby doesn’t believe Dean is alive
Dean has some serious convincing him to do

Stealing a car
Dean drives to Bobby’s door
Bobby stares in disbelief
At the surrogate son he so adores

Then Bobby and Dean fight
And Dean gets holy water in his face
Once Bobby is convinced it’s really him
The two happily embrace

Bobby tells Dean that Sam took off
You should have been looking after him was Dean’s reply
It wasn’t easy for any of us Bobby reminds
Especially after you died

Dean thinks Sam made a deal
Which is why Dean’s body Sam refused to burn
Making unholy alliances with demons
When will a Winchester learn

Later Dean finds Sam in Pontiac, Illinois
A pretty brunette answers the door
First the Winchesters fight then they hug
It’s really Dean the brother that Sam adores

Sam tells Dean from Lilith he wanted payback
And that he was tracking some demons from Tennessee
Bobby suggested Pamela Barnes
A psychic friend they needed to see

The boys meet Pamela Barnes
She flirts with them and Dean also flirts with her
A seance is her answer
What pulled Dean from Hell
Why did this occur

Show me your face
Pamela commands the supernatural being
When she fails to heed the warning its true form not to spy
Fire soon engulfs and burns out Pamela’s eyes

Now in Johnny Mac’s diner
For the Winchesters trouble is found
Facing several demons
Evil the boys surround

Dean uses his resurrection
To call the demons bluff
Sam and Dean walk out the diner
The situation doesn’t seem as tough

Later Sam returns to the diner
Sam fights a lady demon
But his new powers mean the demon meets an end
Another surprise is that the girl from the motel
Is really Ruby
A new meatsuit and now Sam’s demonic friend

Dean and Bobby are on a mission
To summon this Castiel who burned out Pamela’s eyes
When Castiel finally appears
Dean learns Castiel is an angel of the Lord gripped Dean tight and raised him from Perdition
To Dean’s surprise