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Supernatural episode No Rest for the Wicked in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean is frantically running
Hellhounds on his trail
These canines of damnation
Determined to prevail

Thankfully for Dean
This hot pursuit was only a dream and wasn’t real
But only 30 hours remain
Before the hellhounds plan to collect on the demon deal

Bobby uses a tracking device
A way to find Lilith takes skill
But if they do find Lilith
How can she then be killed

Let me summon Ruby
To Dean is what Sam says
And Dean needs to ignore any strife
For they can then kill Lilith
By using Ruby’s knife

Dean says no to Sam
But little brother does ignore
Sam plans to get Ruby’s knife
That’s what family is for

As Sam and Ruby talk
Dean shows up
And later Dean and Ruby fight
The elder Winchester gets her in a devil’s trap
Then takes her knife from her sight

The hunters go to New Harmony, Indiana
Where Lilith is on shore leave
Will Ruby’s knife be enough to kill her
Or is this plan ill conceived

Dean has been piercing Hell’s veil
Under the meatsuit he can see a demon real face
Perhaps an advantage they can use to help
For against the clock they race

Inside of a house
Lilith is wearing the meatsuit of a little girl
The babysitter
Freckles the cat
And the grandfather
All killed
The remaining family members are in peril

Demons overrun the neighborhood
Neighbors’ bodies the demons did take
Somehow Ruby is free from the devil’s trap
Towards the house they all make a break

Holy water stops the demons
Sam has the knife and ready to attack
But can he kill Lilith in a child’s meatsuit
Will the younger Winchester have the knack

From the little girl’s body
Lilith has fled
The clock strikes midnight
For Dean a trip to Hell is close ahead

Hellhounds are in the house barking
Salt lines at all the windows and doors
But another wrinkle occurs
A shock for the Winchesters is in store

Lilith is in Ruby’s meatsuit
A demon without a heart
She opens the door to let the hellhounds in
Then the hellhounds tear Dean’s body apart

Sam doesn’t die
When Lilith blasts a deadly light
With his tear stained face Sam cradles Dean’s body
Dean’s torn body a gruesome sight

Somewhere in Hell
Suspended on hooks and in an unspeakable jam
Is the soul of Dean Winchester
Who pitifully cries out for Sam