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Supernatural episode It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

It is the day before Halloween
And the Winchesters investigate why
Razors blades were in the candy
Luke Wallace ate when he died

Talking to Luke’s widow
The brothers discover clues around
A hex bag in the kitchen
Soon was found

Witches are the theory
The hunters on the case
To prevent further deaths
The boys must race

At a Halloween party
In a basement below
There’s another victim
The Winchesters will soon know

Bobbing for apples
The water turns hot
And later burns
Investigating the teen’s death
The Winchesters learn

Tracy Davis
The victim’s friend
Told them a lie
In the end

Tracy said Luke Wallace
She did not know
But during his car surveillance
Dean realizes this is not so

Tracy is the Wallace babysitter
To their house she goes
So easy for her to plant a hex bag
You know

To the high school
On Tracy Davis to find intel
The Winchesters speak to Don
Tracy’s teacher who tells
Tracy has a temper
She’s an emancipated teen
Her anger was a surprise that Don seen

Meanwhile the boys return to the motel
Sam finally meets
Castiel and another angel
Who won’t greet

You need to leave this place
Castiel said
For we will destroy the town
Leaving all residents dead

The order comes from Heaven
So it is just
Angels obey God
To do what’s best

The Winchesters refuse
They want more time
To find a missing Tracy
A thought comes to mind

Don planted a hex bag in their room
His intent to kill
Putting pieces together
Takes hunters skill

In the lore
Intel to gain
The origin of Halloween
A demon named Samhain

Killing the victims
Wasn’t revenge to be earned
The goal was to break one of the 66 seals
To resurrect Samhain
The Winchesters learn

Samhain will then
Raise the dead
Unspeakable horrors
To be afraid

The Winchesters find Tracy
Thinking Don is the threat
But once they kill Don
Another surprise yet

Tracy does a spell
Black smoke from around
The spirit of Samhain
Goes into Don’s body on the ground

A Halloween party in a mausoleum
Some teens the undead awake and kill
In the end Sam defeats Samhain
Using his new powers it takes skill