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Supernatural episode Metamorphosis in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean is outside watching
This very hour
Shocked to see Sam interrogating a demon
Using “dark powers”

When Dean confronts Sam
He sees the girl from the Pontiac hotel
And quickly realized it’s Ruby
Sporting a new meatsuit as well

Dean attacks Ruby but a fight doesn’t last
As Sam reminds Ruby that she needs to get the man
Who was possessed by the demon
To a hospital fast

Back at the motel
Dean is ready to leave
Angry by Sam’s
Attempts to deceive

Slippery slope brother
A journey to the dark side is where Sam will be
But Sam says he’s saving people
Why can’t Dean see

The call from a hunter named Travis
Puts the brotherly argument on hold
For there is a supernatural threat
Clues will unfold

In Carthage, Missouri
The Winchesters watch from their car
Observing Jack Montgomery
A boring show so far

But there’s a surprise
Ravenous he eats
Jack devours all the food he gets his hands on
Even raw meat

Returning to the motel
The Winchesters find Travis waiting there
Information about Jack
Travis is ready to share

Jack is a rugaru
Longpig is a treat
Human flesh he will crave
A desire that won’t be beat

To both Dean and Travis
Sam says he disagrees
If given the choice
Between good and evil
Jack will make the right decision you’ll see

Later the Winchesters go to Jack
His rugaru gene they tell
Jack becomes angry
He kicks them out as well

On several occasions
Jack faces temptation
Yet somehow he exercises free will
It wasn’t until Travis’ deadly intent
That Jack’s free will went

Sadly Jack met a tragic fate
A fire consumed him so great