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Supernatural episode Monster Movie in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

It is Oktoberfest
And to Pennsylvania
The Winchesters race to piece together clues
A good old-fashioned
Black and white monster case
Finally was due

Vampires and werewolves
There’s a mummy involved too
Like the old time monster movie
This must be a clue

Ed Brewer was a witness
What he saw was an interesting sight
Dracula the culprit
The menace who plagued the night

Jamie is a waitress
She works in a local bar
Dracula calls her Mina
He worships her from afar

When Dean sees Dracula
A threat to Jamie so near
The two fight
A Winchester rips off the monster’s ear

Pieces of a puzzle
Not too hard to find
They’re dealing with a shapeshifter
Who left his ear behind

In a surprising twist
The shapeshifter turns out to be
Jamie’s friend
And coworker Lucy

The shapeshifter kidnaps
Dean and Jamie
To Jamie he said
His father called him a freak
He only found happiness
Being the old time monsters he seeked

In the end
Jamie saves the day
Killing the shapeshifter
For the horror to go away