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Supernatural episode Family Remains in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Stratton, Nebraska
A man watches television and eats
A short while later
A tragic fate is what he meets

A girl had entered the room
Pale as she could be
A knife wielded in her hand
Murdering this man you see

Soon the Winchesters are on the case
In a locked room
Was where the man named Bill Gibson had died
Sounds like a vengeful spirit
It’s up to Sam and Dean to find out why

Investigating in the house
The brothers have no idea what’s in store
In a closet is where they find
A doll head on the floor

Looking out the window
A moving van the Winchesters see
Arriving are the new owners
Not a reason for ghosts to flee

The Winchesters meet the family
County code inspectors the brothers say they are
A gas leak and asbestos in the wall
They lie is what they found so far

A night in a motel
Until a solution to the problem
They meet
The young daughter is angry
She says she hopes the motel
Has hooker sheets

Talking to Bill Gibson’s housekeeper
A sad tale did unfold
Bill’s wife died in childbirth
And his daughter hung herself in the attic
Is what the housekeeper told

Meanwhile back at the house
The family has returned
Uncle Ted said there’s no asbestos in the wall
His experience he has earned

Later that night
Young son Danny plays a video game
Surprised when the girl in the wall plays ball with him
He doesn’t know her name

In her own room
The daughter Kate hates it there
She thinks it’s the family dog Buster licking her hand
But when she discovers it’s not Buster
She screams from the scare

Kate’s screams bring the Winchesters
In the house is where they run
Now a night of horror
Has only just begun

In a circle of salt
Is where the house occupants go
For hunters know from experience
Salt protects from ghosts they know

But the problem is
The girl in the wall is not a ghost
She climbs into the circle of salt
Definitely a murderous host

From the house in an instant
The family did flee
But where on Earth is Buster
The family dog no one sees

Because it’s not vengeful spirit
The Winchesters believe the family can flee
But the slashed tires and their weapons are missing
Is what the brothers see

Danny is also missing
Dean tells the women they’ll be safe in the shed
Sam will search with Brian
While Dean is paired with uncle Ted

But tragedy soon occurs
The victim is Uncle Ted
The girl in the wall uses her knife
And Uncle Ted turns up dead

Later in the attic
Rebecca’s diary provides a clue
For Rebecca’s daddy was her baby’s daddy
What a sick thing for a father to do

Through many twists and turns
Danny is eventually found
Another mystery is revealed
The girl in the wall has a brother around

Dean kills the girl’s brother
Brian kills the girl too
The sad end for two tormented lives
There was nothing the Winchesters could do