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Supernatural episode Heaven and Hell in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In the cabin
The angels find Anna
They are ready to kill
But Anna sends them away with a blood sigil
Where did she learn this skill

To Bobby’s house
Is where the Winchesters take Anna to hide
An angel and demon free panic room
Is safe inside

But they want to know about Anna’s past
Off to get Pamela
The help from a psychic
Is needed fast

Hypnosis will soon provide the key
To Anna’s past
Her mind’s eye
To see

I remember now
I’m an angel
Is what Anna said
She tells everyone
Don’t be afraid

When Anna fell to Earth
Her grace she tore out
As she was falling from the sky
At the speed of a meteor
An oak tree in Kentucky was hit
The Winchesters need to check this out

Where the grace hit is not destruction but pure creation
Anna said
But once they reach the oak tree
The grace is gone
What will they face ahead

While Anna and Dean give in to their passion
Ruby has a plan
She executes
In a self sacrificing fashion

Ruby becomes the bait
Suffering from Alastair’s torture
Is a brave plan
To bring the angels and demons together
You understand

In the end
Anna saves the day
She retrieves her grace
Before a blast of light sends her away