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Supernatural episode Wishful Thinking in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Footsteps in the shower
Of a women’s health club
But a face can’t be seen
The footprints belong to an invisible teen

A hormonal desire to spy
But how the teen became invisible
Is a question
Because we know why

Sam is certain that Dean
Recalls his time in Hell
But the truth is something
His older brother won’t tell

In Concrete, Washington
A case is found
An invisible menace
In women’s health club is around

Pretending that he’s a writer
Working on a book
Sam talks to Mrs. Armstrong
The clues to look

But to Sam
The teacher’s details seem hazy
Maybe Mrs. Armstrong
Really is crazy

Later as the Winchesters walk
They overhear two men talk
Apparently Big Foot is a theory
Definitely something for the hunters to query

To a convenience store the Winchesters go
Alcohol bottles are down
A short while later
Animal fur is found

The brothers are not ready to give up
They aren’t ready to take a hike
When a little girl rides by
On a bike

A breeze places a magazine
On the ground
Perhaps this is a really great clue
Sam and Dean found

To the little girl’s house
Audrey is the name of the little girl
The Winchesters meet
They claim they’re teddy bear doctors
Is how they greet

Audrey says
Can you look at my sick teddy bear
Who Audrey adores
But then the grumpy oversized teddy bear
Tells them to close the freaking door

Audrey tells the Winchesters
She wished for a big talking teddy bear
At the wishing well

To Lucky Chan’s the hunters do tell
Health inspectors is what they say
Making up code violations
They send Mr. Chan away

Spending time in the restaurant this hour
The Winchesters find a coin embedded in the well
Could it have magical power

Searching the paper
The old fashioned method this time proves best
For the Winchesters locate the first wish maker
Whose name is Wes

An invisible teen
A psychotic teddy bear
And a very strong child frame this day
Still Wes refuses to destroy the coin
To make the wishes go away

After some hairy moments
Where Dean is nearly killed
And Sam is struck by lightning and dies
Wes removes the coin
And the wishes bid goodbye