A desire to dress heartache with grace, an #AKF poem for JuQuinthe by Tracy Diane Miller

We are the byproduct of our experiences
The sum total of a life both good and bad
Yet depression lets our minds grip the sorrow
The heartache that we have had

But if we had the desire
To dress heartache with grace
We could heal from the emotional scars
And journey to a happier place

Because of your kindness
Did compassion guide your way
My heart is full of gratitude
More than I could ever convey

Always Keep Fighting
Has helped me and others find a voice
Through poetry I want my message to be
Strength and Survival
Is the Always Keep Fighting community’s choice

Because of your kindness
To Jared Padalecki
I may finally get the chance to say
Always Keep Fighting
Helps me live a healthier life today