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Supernatural episode Criss Angel is a Douchebag in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

It is Magic Week in Sioux City
But a older magician feels dismay
Longing for the good old days
When he was known as The Amazing Jay

In a bar Jay entertains a lady
He wants her to give his card trick a chance
Yet all Jay gets is disrespect
Heckled by another drunken magician named Vance

Later that night on stage
Jay gives the Table of Death his best
Miraculously Jay survives
But Vance dies from swords to the chest

The Winchesters are on the case
A supernatural reason why Vance died will they learn
The brothers pretend to be FBI agents
And ask questions of Jay’s friends Charlie and Vern

It isn’t long
Before another mysterious death does befall
When Jay is performing The Executioner
For egotistical magician Jeb Dexter
Death makes a house call

Meanwhile Ruby pays Sam a visit
Her annoyance you can clearly see
When she comes to the door
While Sam is in Magic Town USA
The number of broke seals stands at 44

The Winchesters believe a death transference
Is to blame and that Jay is guilty too
But in a surprising twist
The magic is what a youth obsessed Charlie do

Charlie has a plan
For he, Vern and Jay
To start life again as young men
However to save the Winchesters’ lives
Jay uses the death transference skill
His friend Charlie he killed