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Supernatural episode Sex and Violence in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The Winchesters are on the case
Of men who kill the women in their lives they adore
Bobby thinks
A siren is to blame according to the lore

A club called the Honey Wagon
Where strippers are around
Is the connection to the perpetrators
The Winchesters have found

Could this siren
Disguised as a different woman
Know just what to say
To seduce the men to commit murder
A command to willingly obey

Sam meets Dr. Cara Roberts
And there are sparks between the two it seems
Dr. Roberts tells Sam
The perpetrators toxicology samples had oxytocin
A love hormone in the blood stream

Later when the samples are stolen
And another agent Nick Munroe is on the case
The clues point to Dr. Cara Roberts
As the siren the Winchesters need to chase

Sam and Cara give in to passion
Dean thinks his little brother is under the siren’s call
But in a shocking twist
Nick turns out to be the siren after all

A short while later
Both Sam and Dean are under the siren’s spell
And engage in a deadly fight
Luckily Bobby appears to save the boys
Killing the siren this night