A walk through the garden of memories, a poem for Nicki Aycox by Tracy Diane Miller

A walk through the garden of memories
The flowers my heart will find
Each song is a seed
To flourish in my mind

I don’t think you realize
The power of a song
To cultivate nostalgia
With memories to come along

There once was a little girl
A world of ugliness
Outside a small apartment
Did she see
But a song to awaken the poet
She always desired to be

Even as depression
Made each day a hard fought fight
Music gave her comfort
Inspiration for the verse she writes

Nicki Aycox’s songs are special
My Muse constantly smiles
Endless poetry I write
With joy to last awhile

A walk through the garden of memories
To see a child of the past
A song to linger lovingly in my soul
With comfort to everlast