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Supernatural episode Death Takes A Holiday in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

The Winchesters investigate why
People can’t die
Death takes a holiday
Is it a deal
For victims to survive the Winchesters can’t tell

But Sam and Dean
Have a plan
To talk to the dead
You understand

First to the cemetery
To speak to Cole Griffith
Now dead
However before the Winchesters can summon Cole
Alistair appears and there’s danger ahead

Alistair flings Dean
Against a head stone
But Sam Winchester
The demon can’t control this hour
Because the younger Winchester uses
His “dark” power

Back at the motel
To the Winchesters
It is soon revealed
That killing a reaper
Is one of the 66 seals

Dean has an idea
To get the answers they need
With Pamela’s help
The brothers can succeed

To leave their bodies
Where a soul can flee
For there are things
That only a spirit can see

Pamela keeps guard
Over the Winchesters’ bodies
While their souls are away
Now Sam and Dean can speak to Cole Griffith this day

The brothers meet Cole
Not their only surprise
For Dean there’s a reunion
With Tessa the reaper
Who appears before his eyes

The Winchesters warn Tessa
Reapers are in danger
Is pretty much what they told
And also ask her to put her reaping on hold

Sam talks to Cole
Who tells the hunter
About the black smoke at the funeral home
A short time later
The demonic black smoke grabs Tessa
For evil is free to roam

How can the Winchesters fight this evil
Within their reach
A quick spirit tutorial
Is what Cole does teach

The brothers find a place
With magical ward
Courageous are they
To proceed forward

Not so easy
As a spirit to cope
Especially when a nemesis shoots you
With rock salt and traps you with iron rope

Alistair taunts
The Winchesters he mocks
But the brothers need to race
Against the clock

Using their newly learned spirit skills
The Winchesters bring the chandelier down
Tessa escapes with Dean
Yet Sam is nowhere to be found

Back at the motel
Watching over the brothers’ bodies
Pamela keeps guard
A demon attacks
Defending herself proves to be hard

Pamela does an incantation
She has the knack
To bring Sam’s soul
Into his body right back

Sadly despite Pamela’s great skill
Her efforts are too late
And she is killed