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Supernatural episode On the Head of A Pin in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Returning from Pamela’s funeral
Sam and Dean learn
The angels have a job for them
Trust for Heaven’s warriors not earned.

Uriel tells the brothers
They have no choice when asked
For they must do what’s required of them
Regardless of the task

Someone is killing angels
Heaven’s brothers and sisters do fall
They have captured Alistair
But the demon won’t talk after all

Dean was Alistair’s student
Torturing methods Alistair did teach
If anyone could get the demon to talk
His star student will be able to reach

Despite the boys protests
Angels don’t care
In a split second
With Dean they disappear

Dean is with Alistair
Using instruments of pain
But Alistair’s endurance is great
Will there be Intel for a Winchester to gain

Meanwhile Sam contacts Ruby
For Dean he needs to find
Sam wants to probe
Ruby’s witchly mind

Ruby uses a spell
A fire the key it seems to be
When the flame goes out
Dean’s whereabouts Sam will see

Castiel is tormented
Worried that he may disobey
He wants to talk to Anna
To hear what she might say

Dean continues to torture Alistair
Yet Alistair taunts
Telling Dean about John’s time in Hell
Guilt for Dean does haunt

However there is another shock
To Dean that Alistair reveals
It was Dean
Who broke the very first seal

Dean is heartbroken
He believes the truth
Of what Alistair did say
What Dean didn’t realize
That a leaky pipe has freed
Alistair from his trap this day

Alistair beats up Dean
And Castiel he’s ready to kill
But Sam soon appears
Destroying Alistair with his “dark” skills

Castiel later learns
It comes as quite a surprise
Uriel was killing angels
A goal for Lucifer to rise

Castiel and Uriel fight
But Uriel gets the upper hand
Anna kills Uriel
With an angel blade you understand

In the hospital
Dean will have to heal
But he remains distraught
Knowing that he broke the first seal