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Supernatural episode The Monster at the End of this Book in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In a comic book store
The Winchesters investigate a case
Cold spots and scratching against the wall
Sounds like a spirit to chase

But the store clerk knows the answer
Sam and Dean he took a look
Surely they must be LARPers
Just like the Supernatural books

Back at the motel Dean reads
The Supernatural books with their lives written down
Who is this Carver Edmund
As aspects of the Winchesters lives
In his books are found

Off to see the publisher
The Supernatural books
Have a cult and underground fan base
It is true
But that still doesn’t answer the question
Of how so much of the Winchesters’ lives
Carver Edlund knew

Carver Edlund is a pen name
Chuck Shurley uses when he writes
When Sam and Dean come to his door
His “creations” give him no delight

Chuck tells the brothers
Of the latest chapter he has fashion
Lilith is now an adult
And she and Sam succumb to fiery demonic passion

Dean thinks that they aren’t ready
For a showdown with Lilith this day
While Sam feels they should stay and fight
Dean just wants to run away

Later Castiel tells Dean
That Chuck’s writings will someday be called
The Winchester Gospel books
And Chuck is also a prophet
The brothers future he can take a look

Chuck also knows the truth
Of the demon blood that Sam drinks
Can Sam defeat Lilith
Is this what the youngest Winchester thinks

Castiel gives a clue
To save Sam when he’s in Lilith’s path
For Chuck is tethered to an archangel
Protected by angelic wrath

In the end
It is Chuck
With the archangel protection in sight
So Lilith is forced to flee
Abandoning the host body this very night