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Supernatural episode Jump the Shark in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Sam and Dean Winchester
Receive a shocking call
From Adam Milligan
Who claims to be John’s other son after all

While Sam appears accepting
Dean harbors some doubt
But the skilled hunters they are
The Winchesters will check this sibling claim out

At a diner
Adam Milligan the Winchesters meet
But they first conceal their identities
Telling Adam they worked with John
Is how Sam and Dean greet

If this is a demon
Or shapeshifter as well
With holy water and silver
The Winchesters can tell

But Adam passes the holy water
And silver tests
Yet Dean is still doubtful
Does the eldest Winchester know best

You’re not John’s son is what Dean said
But when Adam shows pictures of John
And offers father/son heartwarming tales
The Winchester protective instinct prevails

Adam’s mother is missing
Probably dead
The Winchesters want to protect Adam
From any supernatural threat ahead

Dean investigates the disappearance
Of Adam’s mother
And a man named Joe Barton as well
An old newspaper clipping with a picture
Shows John Winchester on a related case as well

It looks like Adam
Will become monster chow
A menace is under the grate
To get Adam to safety is priority somehow

Sam teaches Adam
How to shoot a gun
But a supernatural twist
Has only just begun

Later while trapped in a mausoleum
Dean has a shock
Seeing Adam’s body in casket
He will need to race against the clock

Neither demons nor shapeshifters
But ghouls wearing Adam’s face
Revenge against John
Is the motive the ghouls embrace

Tying Sam up
And bleeding him dry
A fresh meal for ghouls
Will Sam Winchester soon die

Luckily Dean appears just in time
To save the day
A shot to the head
Kills the ghouls right away