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th (42)2-sammyth (41)th (40)

Supernatural episode The Rapture in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

A calming day
Serenity is what Dean Winchester does find
But alas this quiet
Is only in his mind

In a flash
Castiel is there
Giving Dean an address where they can talk
The angel appeared out of thin air

They need to meet
To talk privately
A place where angels can’t spy
Dean needs to come soon
And not ask why

To a warehouse
Sam and Dean go
Destruction greets them
As they can tell
When they find their angelic friend
The man tells the Winchesters
He’s not Castiel

Jimmy Novak
Is the man’s name
A year of his life
Sacrificed to serve
As Castiel’s vessel all the same

The Winchesters won’t let Jimmy leave
A price Jimmy has on his head
But angels and demons are likely to torture Jimmy
Soon he will be dead

Meanwhile Sam wants demon blood
His desperate calls Ruby won’t take
What destructive decisions
Will Sam Winchester make

Jimmy leaves the motel
In the middle of the night
Unconcerned about his safety
The former radio as salesman takes flight

Flashbacks reveal
Jimmy’s tale
Of how he came to be Castiel’s vessel
An angelic destiny prevailed

In the present
Jimmy goes to Pontiac, Illinois
Perhaps hoping to reclaim his life
Amelia answers the door
She is Jimmy’s wife

Later the Novaks are in danger
Demons wear their neighbors face
With help from the Winchesters
Away the family does race

Sadly the demons kidnap Jimmy’s daughter Claire
And possess Ameila
Jimmy’s wife
Jimmy is shot
But later agrees to be Castiel’s vessel again
To spare Claire
The angelic life

Dean sees Sam drinking demon blood
So he and Bobby have a plan
To lock Sam in the panic room
To detox you understand