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Supernatural episode Lucifer Rising in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In 1972 a convent in Maryland
Where tragedy came to be
A group of nuns were killed
By a priest possessed by Azalel you see

Flash to the present day
Thoughts occupy Sam Winchester’s tortured mind
For Lilith’s demonic chef
Possessing a nurse’s body
They need to find

Dean is still angry
Bobby wants Dean to forgive his brother
Forgiveness won’t come around
One minute Dean is talking to Bobby
A minute later he’s in a strange room
Where Castiel and Zachariah can be found

Hamburgers and beer
A Gilligan’s Island illusion is possible too
Since Dean vowed to obey the angels
He still has work he needs to do

Meanwhile Sam and Ruby
The demon possessing the nurse’s body
They do find
To get intel on Lilith
Torture springs to mind

Succumbing to the torture
The demon nurse tells Sam
In a covent in Maryland is where Lilith will be
What is the final seal
What will Sam eventually see

Dean is still angry with Sam
But his brother he tries to call
Castiel tells Dean he can’t reach Sam
Who is outside of his coverage after all

In the car with Ruby
While she’s driving to Maryland
Sam begins to have doubts
But a false voice message
Where Dean calls him a monster
Has Sam determined to take Lilith out

Castiel finally confides in Dean
What is the angels true deal
They need to stop Sam from killing Lilith
Because Lilith is the final seal

Sam uses his dark powers
Even his eyes turn demon black
His heart is pounding
Killing Lilith he has the knack

Later Sam discovers
Ruby’s ultimate betrayal
Killing Lilith
Breaks the final seal
Dean eventually kills Ruby
But to the Winchesters shock and surprise
Lucifer starts to rise