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Supernatural episode When The Levee Breaks in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In a panic room
A prison of sorts
Sam feels betrayed
But for Bobby and Dean
These harsh methods are support

Drinking demon blood
Is an addiction that they see
Sam needs to detox
So in the panic room
He will be demon blood free

Sam says instead
I’m not drinking the demon blood for kicks
For the younger Winchester
Drinking demon blood gives him the skill
All the power he needs as Lilith he will kill

Dean disagrees
Lilith he and Bobby will defeat
Sam’s desperate pleas to be freed
From the panic room
Is a request Dean will not meet

Now in this panic room
A most confining space
Soon comes the hallucinations
The trick a demon blood laced mind will chase

Alistair appears
Carving Sam with a knife
A demonic conclusion
Sam begs then cries out in pain
For Alistair to stop
But the torture is an illusion

Perhaps for a sick hunter
The difficulty of haunts
Is when a younger version of yourself
Berates you with his taunts

A short while later
Mary Winchester appears to Sam too
Sam pitifully calls himself a piss poor excuse for a son
But Mary’s words of encouragement
Have only just begun

The hallucination of Mary
Likely the byproduct
Of that part of Sam’s optimistic mind
Believes that Dean is weak
And only Sam is strong enough to defeat Lilith
Courage the younger Winchester must find

Meanwhile Bobby has doubts
Locking Sam up in the panic room to detox might kill
But Dean won’t have his brother become a monster
If Sam does die maybe it’s Fate’s will

Later Dean meets with Castiel
To the service of God and his angels
Dean does swear
Yet close to 66 seals have been broken
The threat of Lucifer rising is so near

Sam looks in the mirror
Veins appear on his face
Demon blood hallucinations
Has his sanity been erased

After endless and desperate cries
Sam grows quiet after all
Bobby and Dean race downstairs
To find Sam flinging himself against the wall

Now Sam is strapped to the bed
Tormented by Dean’s cruel words
But Dean isn’t really there
It’s Sam’s own mental torture that he has heard

Finally exhausted Sam falls asleep
Then he awakes to a mysterious sound
To his surprise the unlocked panic room
Is what he has found

What Sam doesn’t see
It was Castiel’s assistance
That set him free

Sam goes upstairs
Hot wiring a car an escape plan
But he is confronted by a rifle toting Bobby
Who intends to stop his surrogate son you understand

Sam slowly walks towards Bobby
The younger hunter takes the gun
And puts it at his own chest
Sam challenges Bobby to shoot him
Is that what Sam really thinks is best

Getting the upper hand
Sam uses the gun
To knock Bobby down
Leaving an unconscious Bobby on the ground

Later Bobby and Dean return to the panic room
Puzzled to find the demon traps destroyed
By Ruby would have taken some surprising skill
Dean wants to find Sam
And hope that Ruby is with his brother
For Ruby is who Dean vows to kill

Sam is in a hotel honeymoon suite
For Ruby is who he waits
Sam drinks Ruby’s demon blood
To make his powers so great

Later Dean locates Sam
And Sam protects Ruby
Who Dean plans to kill
Sam and Dean argue
Then a terrible fight
Words to hurt Sam
Is what Dean has the knack
For Dean says to Sam
You walk out that door
Don’t you ever come back