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Supernatural episode Fallen Idols in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Canton, Ohio
Cal Hopkins is filled with delight
For after an exhaustive search
He has found James Dean’s car Little Bastard
To show to his friend Jim Grossman this night

Jim gets a video camera
To record the moment you see
A visual keepsake
For all posterity

Then without a warning
Jim hears a thunderous boom
Rushing into to see Cal
His friend has met with doom

Blood has blanketed the car
Tragedy has embraced
Little Bastard now crimson
The horror to Cal’s face

The sheriff talks to the Winchesters
FBI agents they claim to be
The sheriff says they’ve got their man
But Jim Grossman they want to see

Jim Grossman gives the boys
His own words
About Little Bastard
The curse that Dean has heard

Soon the Winchesters are off
Piecing together clues to win
Is this the real Little Bastard
The truth is in the vin

Sam does the research
While Dean flirts in a bar
This is a fake Little Bastard
It has never been James Dean’s car

Mr. Hill is a history aficionado
A true Abraham Lincoln buff
Loving all things about the sixteenth president
Mr. Hill just can’t get enough

Working late one night
Mr. Hill meets a surprise
Is that Abraham Lincoln
Will murder in his eyes

Lincoln is unfriendly
Not a way to treat a fan
Lincoln kills Mr. Hill
With his own two hands

After talking to Mr. Hill’s maid
To a wax museum the Winchesters go
To talk to the curator
Learning about the exhibits you know

Abraham Lincoln’s stove top hat
James Dean’s car keys
And Gandhi’s bifocals too
Looks like these ghosts are going after their super fans
What’s a hunter to do

Returning to the museum
The Winchesters go one night
Sam wrestles with the ghost of Gandhi
Ready to take a bite

But the case isn’t over
The Winchesters later learn
For looks like a pagan gods is the culprit
Being a fan can be deadly
As death they do

Leshi is a pagan God
Now that its forest has been torn down
Leshi looks for fans
At the wax museum happily found

Leshi kidnaps a girl named Danielle
The pagan God wears Paris Hilton’s face
Capturing the Winchesters and tying them to a tree
A delicious meal the hunters will be

Leshi fights Dean
From the tree Sam breaks free
Taking an axe and killing Leshi
Paris Hilton’s bloody head on the ground
Is what the boys see