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Supernatural episode Free To Be You And Me in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Sam begins a new life
Abandoning a hunter’s journey
Fake ids burned and working in a bar
Despite heartache he’s come so far

Meanwhile Dean is still hunting
At the motel Castiel he sees
Castiel wants to find Raphael
Who may know where God could be

As a bus boy
Sam doesn’t want his past to be
Exposed for others to find
But curious co worker Lindsay
Wants to probe his mind

Sam sees apocalyptic signs
So Bobby he calls
Any hunters in the area
To fight the evil that befall

Soon some hunters arrive at the bar
Not understanding why Sam is on a hunting break
Personal issues should be stowed
As the Apocalypse is at stake

Castiel goes to Jerusalem
For holy water he seeks
To summon Raphael through his vessel
To get the archangel to speak

Later out for revenge
For a fellow hunter’s death
Lindsay they take
For Sam to drink demon blood
They plan to make

Sam refuses
And there is a fight
An angry Sam
Nearly killed the hunters this night

In a circle of holy fire
An angel cage
Raphael blacks out the east seaboard
A testament to his rage

God is dead
Raphael said
The Apocalypse has started
Tragedy ahead

Sam wakes up from sleeping
Jessica is his vision
She morphs into Lucifer
The Devil has a mission

Lucifer wants Sam as his vessel
Sam won’t agree
But The Devil will wear Sam Winchester
Just wait and see