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Supernatural episode Sympathy for the Devil in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Sam Winchester killed Lilith
Not knowing she was the final seal
Now Lucifer will rise
What horror will be revealed

The Winchesters are trapped
The convent doors locked
With Lucifer rising
Can the brothers escape the clock

Is this the end
Will the Devil gain
Miraculously Sam and Dean
Have been placed on an airplane

They need to find Castiel
To Chuck Shurley they go
Sadly Chuck says Castiel exploded
A tragedy you know

Soon at Chuck’s place the angels appear
Now that Lucifer did rise
The Apocalypse can begin
Zachariah is certain
The angels will win

Zachariah said
That Dean can serve the angels today
But Dean uses a blood sigil
To send the angels away

Meanwhile Becky
A Supernatural fan
Sits at her computer writing fan fiction
You understand

From Carved Edlund on her computer
Becky gets a call
Carver Edlund aka Chuck Shurley
Wants her to get a message
To Sam and Dean after all

To Sam and Dean’s motel
Is where Becky goes
With the message that Chuck
Wanted the Winchesters to know

The Michael sword is on Earth
On a hill made of 42 dogs
Becky told Sam and Dean
But the Winchesters aren’t sure
What this all means

Becky makes Sam uncomfortable
With her hands on his chest
Despite his request she will not move her hands
From where they happily rest

In Delaware
Nick experiences things so strange
Like a baby crying and blood in a crib
Is his sanity being rearranged

Bobby comes to see the boys
The surrogate sons he so adores
With information about the Michael sword
He found in the lore

Guilt eating at him
To Bobby
Sam reveals
That he was the one who broke the final seal

Bobby is angry
At Sam’s deadly mistake
If they survive what’s ahead
Lose my number
Is what Bobby said

Sam leaves the room
And Dean gets a surprise
Bobby is possessed
Sporting demon black eyes

Poor Dean
The eldest Winchester is getting a beating
From Bobby it’s true
Enter Meg in a new meatsuit
Not the one that Dean formerly knew

Bobby adores Dean
From the demon
The veteran hunter takes control
For Dean he will not kill
Mind wrestling a demon
Requires some skill

At the storage unit
No Michael sword found
But the Winchesters are confronted
By Zachariah and the angels who are around

You’re the Michael sword
To Dean is what Zachariah said
You’re Michael’s vessel
For the fight against Lucifer ahead

Dean refuses to consent
Michael’s vessel
Dean won’t be
So Zachariah hurts Sam and Dean you see

Castiel appears
Like a flash of light
Killing angels
Saving the Winchesters this night

Later a distraught Nick
Lucifer’s vessel he agrees to be
What havoc on Earth
Remains for the Winchesters to see