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Supernatural episode The End in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

To beat the Devil
A theory comes to mind
Like a thunderbolt
Perhaps they can use the Colt

Still without Sam
In a Kansas motel room
Meeting with Castiel will have to keep
Right now all Dean wants to do
Is to finally get some sleep

When Dean awakes
Destruction seems to have made
A house call
For Dean Winchester finds the word
Croatoan carved on a wall

Soon there are “Croats”
And they give chase
Run, Dean, Run
Or death you will surely face

In a car
Zachariah appears
He sent Dean five years to the future
Where turmoil is near

This is what your future will be
Zachariah revealed
“Croats” to wrestle
Unless Dean says yes
To being Michael’s vessel

But Dean
Is in for a big surprise
When he sees his future self
Before his eyes

Future Dean is a cynic
Angry is he
Fighting “Croats”
Is what the future turns out to be

Future Castiel lost his angel wings
Most of the time he’s stone
But where is Sam
Did his brother Future Dean disown

A big show down in Detroit
Sam didn’t make it
Future Dean tells
Future Dean will get the Colt
To kill Lucifer as well

Future Dean has a black heart
Even Castiel he will betray
To defeat the Devil
This very day

Alas Future Dean dies
Right before Present Dean’s eyes
Lucifer is wearing Sam
A shocking surprise

Lucifer in Sam’s skin
Doesn’t kill Present Dean
Redundant he said
Confident he will always win
In any fight ahead

Zachariah zaps Dean back to his own time
Dean needs to say yes
Consenting to be Michael’s vessel
Is what is best

Dean still refuses
Zachariah will cause Dean pain
Castiel saved Dean in the nick of time
What luck Dean has gained

In the end
Dean meets with Sam
Together a plan to beat the Devil
But how they have no clue
Sam and Dean Winchester
Have work to do