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Supernatural episode I Believe The Children Are Our Future in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Nebraska
How can it even be
That a baby sitter died from itching powder
Scratching her brains out
A horror you can see

The tooth fairy is a menace
And even joy buzzers kill
The Winchesters are on the case
Finding clues will take some skill

Pieces of a puzzle
Begin to fall into place
Eleven year old Jesse Turner
Has a dark destiny he will unintentionally face

Jesse is the AntiChrist
Have human and half demon too
His birth mother is Julia Wainwright
Someone he never knew

Jesse is adopted
A boy the demons would like to find
It’s like he can shape reality
With the power of a child’s mind

If Jesse believes it
Then it will become a fact
Joy buzzers will kill
What a dangerous knack

Castiel feels no mercy
Jesse the AntiChrist is who Castiel will destroy
Jesse protects himself
And Castiel becomes a harmless toy

Julia now possessed
The Winchesters flung against the wall
When lies make Jesse angry
Destruction will befall

Sam is very brave
The truth to Jesse he will tell
A choice between good and evil
Is Jesse’s choice to make as well

Jesse does decide
Goodness is the choice he makes
Yet worried about the safety of his parents
Jesse vanishes for his parents’ sake