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Supernatural episode Abandon All Hope in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

There is a crossroads demon
Crowley is his name
He has the Colt in his possession
What is his deadly game

Crowley tells the Winchesters
A plan that he said
Use the Colt to kill the Devil
A bullet to Lucifer’s head

Lucifer hates humans
Lucifer hates demons as well
So Crowley wants the Winchesters to shoot the Devil with the Colt
An ingenious scheme he tells

So the brothers take the gun
And with Ellen and Jo and Castiel too
They vow to beat the Devil
But do they have a clue

Bobby takes a picture
A keepsake of his friends
Is this their last night on Earth
Will confronting Lucifer be their end

To Cathage, Missouri
A ghost town it appears
Where are all the townspeople
And why are so many reapers near

Castiel goes to investigate
His determination to admire
But he becomes Lucifer’s captive
Trapped in a circle of holy fire

Meanwhile the hunters are in danger
As they soon found
For they are face to face with Meg
And some vicious hellhounds

Refusing to surrender to Lucifer
The hunters have to run
But a hellhound attacks Jo
A nightmare has begun

In a hardware store
A temporary shelter to see
A dying Jo has a plan
To help the others flee

Everything is here
To make the bombs they need
A diversion for the others to escape
A scheme that will succeed

Ellen will stay behind
A mother’s love is strong
For she won’t let Jo die alone
Her selfless act can’t be wrong

Jo’s plan works
Hellhounds perish in the flame
Sadly death is Ellen’s fate
And is Jo’s destiny the same

The Winchesters have traveled
To the Jasper farm
Lucifer will raise the Horseman Death
And cause unspeakable harm

Dean shoots Lucifer with the Colt
A bullet to the head
But the Colt is useless
Should the Winchesters be afraid

Castiel escapes the holy fire
And saves Sam and Dean
Lucifer has raised Death
What new horror will be seen