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Supernatural episode Sam, Interrupted in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Killings at a mental hospital
Is the supernatural lurking around
Sam and Dean pose as mental patients
What clues can be found

Martin is a hunter
One of the best so Sam said
But something happened in Albuquerque
And now Martin is afraid

Yet in the mental hospital
Where patients need to heal
Evidence of the supernatural
A hunter knows is real

Using fake identities
Alex and Eddie are the names
The Winchesters will hunt monsters
Even when “crazy” appears to be the game

But something strange happened
Even Dean does see
Dr. Fuller has the face of a Wraith
But is this the truth to be

Sam scabs Dr. Fuller with a silver plated letter opener
An angry Winchester is very strong
Alas Dr. Fuller isn’t the Wraith
How could Dean have been so wrong

The Winchesters are acting strangely
Is crazy really the key
It looks like the touch from the Wraith
Is how illusions came to be

After hairy moments
With Sam’s brains almost the Wraith’s next meal
Dean saves his brother and the Winchesters are no longer crazy
But Sam is angry all the time and he doesn’t know why
Is what the younger Winchester reveals