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Supernatural episode The Real Ghostbusters in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Of all the horrors the Winchesters have seen
Perhaps the biggest surprise of all
Was finding themselves at a Supernatural convention
After receiving Chuck’s call

Racing to help Chuck
The brothers thought he was in a jam
But from his pants Becky had borrowed Chuck’s phone
Remember Becky who was obsessed with Sam

The boys see a scarecrow
Look there’s Bloody Mary too
For the convention has cosplayers
Hunters have no clue

But the Winchesters learn shortly
Even more for them than a convention is in store
For the place is haunted
By the ghost of Miss Gore

As the legend goes
Gore Orphanage was what she ran
Some little boys killed her son
Then she murdered them with her own hands

It’s not so easy
When the Winchesters
Have to deal with a fake Sam and Dean
To these convention fans
Real ghosts were previously unseen

Off to the cemetery
For Miss Gore’s bones they have to burn
But the Winchesters made an error
As they would soon learn

The ghostly boys are wicked
When did murder become child’s play
Now these ghosts are free to kill
Because the Winchesters have sent Miss Gore away

All the doors are locked
To make the lines of salt
You don’t go to a convention to get killed
If that happens it is the ghosts fault

Damien and Barnes
The Sam and Dean fans
Know the ghosts are real
And end up saving the day
By burning the ghostly boys bones with their own hands

Becky had a crush on Sam
Yet a hero Chuck turns out to be
Now he’s the ying to her yang
The heart wants what the heart wants
You see

Becky tells Sam
From the Supernatural books she found
A crossroads demon named Crowley
Who may have the Colt underground

Now that they know about Crowley
To beat the Devil with the Colt
May be true
The Winchesters have a road to travel
Because there’s work to do