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Supernatural episode Swap Meat in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In a no name bar
“Sam” wants to order a drink needing to prove his age you see
I’m 26 is what he says
And then shows his id

Why does Sam need to prove his age
It all seems very strange
When he tells a flirting woman that his name is Gary
Apparently a body swap has been arranged

Sam and Dean are on the case of a poltergeist
A spirit that found the Winchesters’ former babysitter to haunt
Carving “murdered chyde” on the teen daughter’s stomach
Is quite a scary taunt

Sam is busy researching
What is found in the lore
A woman named Maggie Briggs was hung
But with the culprit named Isaiah Pickett
Her body buried in his basement underground
Maggie is a vengeful spirit
With anger keeping her around

But how did Sam and Gary switch bodies
Is a good question to ask
Gary found a book of “dark” magic
Apparently for a teen is an easy task

There is another shock
That Sam does learn
Dean is “Hell’s Most Wanted”
On his head a bounty Dean Winchester has earned

Trevor is annoying
Using a demon summoning spell
And Nora is possessed by a demon
For Trevor it won’t turn out well

Tastes like moron as Trevor’s blood is a demon’s meal
Now off to kill Dean
As the hotel’s location
Trevor failed to conceal

Meanwhile Dean finally learns
Of the body switch
Gary wanted to be
A very powerful witch

To the motel
The demon possessing Nora goes for Dean it will kill
In unison Dean and Gary say the exorcism
This is quite a skill

In the end
Good prevails this day
The Winchesters are off to another case
In the Impala they drive away