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Supernatural episode The Song Remains The Same in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Dean’s dream
The angel Anna he greets
Anna escaped from Heaven’s prison
With Dean she wants to meet

But instead of The Winchesters
Castiel is the one who shows
A knife won’t kill angels
As Anna definitely knows

Anna has the knife
And she tells Castiel why
Anna tells Castiel
Sam Winchester must die

Once she kills Sam
Pieces of him she will scatter around
Castiel won’t be able to put Sam back together
For all of the younger Winchester won’t be found

Without Sam
Neither Lucifer’s vessel nor Croatoan virus will be
This is the best solution
Something Castiel refuses to see

I won’t let you kill him
Sam Winchester is my friend
Castiel said
Little does Castiel know
The adventure that lies ahead

Back in the motel
Castiel fills Sam and Dean on Anna’s deadly scheme
Castiel will find her
With the help of a spell so it seems

Castiel has located Anna
In 1978 is where she is found
If Anna kills John and Mary before Sam is born
Lucifer won’t have Sam as a vessel
To circle around

Send us back in time Dean demanded
Our parents we need to save
Time travel is risky
But the circumstances are grave

To 1978
The Winchesters do land
Tracking down their folks
Pretending to be Young Mary’s cousins you understand

Later Anna tricks Young John
Using his boss’ voice
To kill Papa Winchester
She really has no choice

But Young Mary fights Anna
With hunter’s skill to Young John’s surprise
Then Sam uses the blood sigil
And Anna vanishes before their eyes

In the Impala
The hunter legacy
Young Mary and her boys to Young John they reveal
Such a big secret for Young Mary to conceal

In a Campbell safe house
Blood sigils and holy water will be in use
Young John is angry
Raising kids in the hunter life is no excuse

Meanwhile Sam and Dean tell Young Mary
Young John she should leave
Yet it is already too late
Since in 1978 Dean has been conceived

Anna summons Uriel
A younger man’s body is his vessel
She wants him to smite some humans
A decision he won’t need to wrestle

Anna and Young Uriel
Find the Winchesters
On this night
A battle ensues
Quite a deadly fight

Young Uriel beats up Dean
And through a window Anna sends Young John
His body flies
Anna stabs Sam with a pipe
Sadly Sam dies

While outside on the ground
A glowing light Young John sees
Young John says yes
Michael’s vessel he comes to be

Michael kills Anna
Then talks with Dean
Being the vessel of Michael
Is a Winchester bloodline
Is what it means

Michael saves Sam
And sends the brothers back to 2010
But the drama with the archangels
Is far from the end