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A letter to the musicians who inspire me, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

When you sit down to create your music
The lyrics your heart will write
But do you have any idea
Of the countless listeners you delight

We are out there
A sea of faces
Invisible to your sight
But your music always stirs us
A joy both day and night

We are sometimes broken
Emotions will betray
But we listen to Mandy Rowden’s These Bad Habits
We love her songs every day

Welcome to the Heart of the City
Brian Buckley Band will astound
I promise you I am Human
The joy in Brian Buckley’s voice I have found

Then there is Nicki Aycox
How courageous was she
To abandon the red carpet of an actress’ world
For the raw honesty of the music we see

I adore Johnny
My heart embraces Charcoal Rain
When Nicki sings My Secret
A comfort is what I gain

I am a poet
Nicki Aycox
Brian Buckley Band
Mandy Rowden
Are the musicians I so admire
Eternally grateful for their songs
These are the artists who inspire