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Supernatural episode Dark Side of the Moon in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

A drunken Dean
Awakes to meet
Two gun toting hunters
At his feet

These angry hunters
Poised for a deadly assault
Ready to kill Sam
The Apocalypse was the younger Winchester’s fault

Sam is scared
He wants to speak
But there’s nothing to say
When revenge is what hunters seek

Despite their face masks
Dean recognizes one hunter’s voice
It is Roy
So the other hunter must be Walt
Roy’s buddy by choice

In a split second
Sam is shot
Not wanting Dean Winchester on their trail
A bullet is also what Dean got

A short time later Dean awakes
A young Sam he found
What a strange dream
To be lurking around

Firecrackers and Young Sam
So full of joy
Dean seems happy to see
His brother as a little boy

Firecrackers light
The night sky
Young Sam disappears
And a dream bids goodbye

From the Impala
Castiel’s voice on the radio is near
It wasn’t a dream
You’re in Heaven
Yet Zachariah is still around to fear

Your Heaven is a road
Just listen to me
At the end of the road
Sam you will see

A house
At the end of the road
Sam is eating Thanksgiving dinner
A sight to behold

Death is reliving the greatest memories from your mind
But there’s still danger
For a flash of light means Zachariah is searching
For the Winchesters he wants to find

Follow the road
From Zachariah to flee
In a closet
Toy cars and a racetrack
The Winchesters do see

Dean wearing a T shirt that reads
“I Wuv Hugs” is not the shock the brothers found
For they’re in their old house in Kansas
And Mary Winchester is around

A time with a dog in Flagstaff
When Sam ran away
Sam’s greatest memories are without John and Dean
His mind seems to convey

Soon the Winchesters run
As Zachariah gives chase
A masked man in Heaven turns out to be Ash
Where in the Roadhouse the boys see Ash and Pamela
A visit to embrace

Later the boys are caught by Zachariah’s
A cruel version of Mary is Zachariah’s sadistic illusion
And hurting Sam and Dean
Is a foregone conclusion

Before more harm from Zachariah
Inflicted on the Winchesters can befall
An angel named Joshua
Makes a house call

To Heaven’s garden
The Winchesters go
For there is something
Joshua wants them to know

God says back off
God you won’t find
This news from Joshua
Gives the Winchesters no peace of mind

Back in their bodies
No longer dead
Sam and Dean Winchester
Don’t know what is ahead

Dean is bitter
The amulet he throws in the trash
For Dean no longer has faith in his brother
But did he act rash