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Supernatural episode 99 Problems in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

An army of demons
More than the Winchesters have ever seen
For this is the curse of the Apocalypse
Is what it all means

Sam is hurt
A fire blocks the road
Captured by demons
Is what Fate must told

A loud speaker exorcism
And drowning demons
With a hose of holy water
A shock to the Winchesters eyes
The Sacrament Lutheran militia
Is quite a welcome surprise

A town full of hunters
The pastor hunts the Supernatural too
A prophet named Leah Gideon gets messages from angels
Telling the townspeople what to do

Paul owns a bar
Not really religious is he
Later Dylan is killed by a demon
What a tragedy to be

Castiel is drunk
An inebriated angel say it isn’t so
Leah Gideon isn’t a prophet
Something Castiel would certainly know

The creature is the whore
In Leah Gideon’s body the whore dwells
To lead the town into damnation
Through their sins as you can tell

Dylan’s mother Jane kills Paul
Other sinners Leah claims
That the angels named
Confining them in the closet
Planning to burn them with kerosene all the same

A servant of God
With a cypress branch
Is how the whore will be killed
When Pastor David Gideon is unable to do it
A shock that Dean will

Later Dean plans to consent to be Michael’s vessel
A Winchester is not weak
First he goes to Lisa
Peace of mind is what he seeks