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Supernatural episode Point of No Return in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Zachariah is upset
Has he been fired by his boss
Will Zachariah be destroyed
Is that the inevitable cost

Lucky for Zachariah
Michael has another plan
To force Dean to consent to be the vessel
Zachariah will have to force Dean’s hand

Sam finds Dean
Is it the elder Winchester’s goodbye tour
If Dean agrees to be Michael’s vessel
What horror will he endure

I will have to stop you
To his brother is what Sam said
Castiel zaps Dean to Bobby’s house
With a touch to Dean’s head

Dean is very defiant
Even Bobby’s advice he doesn’t want to hear
When Castiel gets a terrible headache
It is a sign that angelic turmoil is very near

Castiel battles angels
His brothers he will fight
After Castiel succeeds
He sees an interesting sight

For there is a hand
Reaching from the ground
Taking the young man back to Bobby’s house
It’s Adam Milligan
Sam and Dean’s brother who Castiel found

Castiel wakes Adam
By the force of the angelic brand
A way to conceal Adam from the other angels
You understand

Adam doesn’t trust his brothers
Reuniting with his mother is his goal
Adam plans to be Michael’s vessel
Doing what he’s told

Dean is a flight risk
Something Sam knew
So Dean is locked in the panic room
A safe room it is true

But Dean tricks Castiel
And the panic room he gets out
Later an angry Castiel finds him
Beats Dean up knocking him out

Adam talks to Zachariah
The angel finds Adam in the young man’s dreams
Zachariah takes Adam to the room in Van Nuys
A brotherly rescue is needed so it seems

Zachariah hurts both Sam and Dean
To force Dean’s hand is the goal
Dean pretends to consent to be Michael’s vessel
Just a trick to kill Zachariah
The truth be told