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Supernatural episode Swan Song in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

At his computer
Chuck Shurley writes
The conclusion of the Winchester Gospels
On this Apocalyptic night

This is the story of a family
Chuck told
A destiny rooted in the supernatural
With so much tragedy to behold

This is the story of a 1967 Chevy Impala
Much more than a car
With miles of road
In her heroic journey thus far

This is the story of Sam and Dean Winchester
Saving people
Hunting things
The family business
Not wrong

This is the story of Swan Song

Time is running out
The end of the world is near
Dean agrees to support Sam’s decision
To consent to be Lucifer’s vessel
Despite his fear

Sam’s ultimate sacrifice
A battle to be won
Pray that Lucifer doesn’t know about the Horsemen’s rings
Or Sam’s plan will fail before it has begun

Once I jump into that hole
I’m not coming back
You need to let me go
Go find Lisa and live an “apple pie” life promise me
A normal existence Sam wants Dean’s world to be

Gallons of demon blood
Sam must drink
Consenting to be Lucifer’s vessel
Saying yes
Happens as quickly as a wink

Lucifer knew about the Horsemen’s rings
Now that The Devil is wearing Sam
Is there any way
Out of this jam

Lucifer is in control
In Sam’s body the Devil does reign
Yet bravely scratching around inside
Control is what Sam must gain

In the mirror
Lucifer takes off the gag to let Sam speak
But the Devil taunts the youngest Winchester
Saying he was always the “home” that Sam did seek

We are two halves of a whole
Made for each other is what Lucifer said
I will never hurt you
Lucifer told Sam
So don’t be afraid

A room of demons
The faces of Sam’s past
A thirst for revenge
These bodies won’t last

Sam’s teacher
His friend Doug
And Rachel Nave
Those faces of childhood
Lucifer won’t behave

Killing is the goal
Revenge not to forget
Lucifer says to Sam
Are we having fun yet

Dean calls Chuck
To find out where the prize fight
Between Michael and Lucifer will go down
Learning that Stull’s cemetery will be the battleground

I won’t let my brother die alone
Dean does vow
To Stull’s cemetery
To try to reach Sam somehow

Michael and Lucifer
In Stull’s cemetery they meet
An imminent battle
Which angel will defeat

Dean arrives at Stull’s cemetery
Interrupting angel bravado and visions of glory
Michael in Adam’s meatsuit tells Dean that he doesn’t belong
For Dean is no longer a part of this story

Later Castiel’s courage
You have to admire
Temporary removing Michael
With a Molotov cocktail made of holy fire

Lucifer is angry
That Castiel threw the holy fire Molotov cocktail at Michael with skill
With a snap of his fingers
Castiel is who Lucifer killed

Lucifer is angry with Dean too
A beat down from the Devil
For Dean
Comes due

To save Dean
Bobby shoots Lucifer in the back
Sadly Bobby is also killed by Lucifer
With snap of his fingers
The Devil has the knack

I won’t leave you
Dean promises Sam
As Lucifer’s bloody punches are delivered
To Dean’s face
Miraculously Sam gains control
After flashes of his memories
Sam is able to embrace

It’s okay Dean
I got him is what Sam said
Now for Sam to jump into the fiery pit of Hell
And try not to be afraid

Michael in Adam’s meatsuit
Has returned
Sam pulls Michael’s arm
And into the Hell pit
Is what they both earn

Somehow Castiel is also alive
The angel heals Dean
And resurrects Bobby
Bobby Singer can now thrive

Dean is bitter
His brother is dead
He goes to Lisa
To face life ahead

Endings are hard
Fans like to be complain
Dissatisfaction is a familiar refrain

You can’t tie up all loose ends
A difficult plight
Then like magic
Chuck vanishes from sight

With Ben and Lisa
Dean is at the dinner table a domestic sight
A brief flash of a lamp
And Sam appears to stare at Dean this night