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Supernatural episode Two Minutes to Midnight in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In a convalescent home in Iowa
Dr. Green goes in the room to see
Celeste his “favorite” patient
So sick is she

Multiple illnesses
Are her lot
All of these diseases
Celeste has got

For it’s Dr. Green’s proprietary blend
Celeste is his Petri dish
Death becomes Celeste
Is Dr. Green’s sadistic wish

Meanwhile Dean is angry
To learn
That Sam is ready to say yes to Lucifer
A lecture the youngest Winchester has earned

A phone call from Castiel
The angel is alive
It’s a miracle
Castiel has survived

Bobby has good news
In which to share
Death will be in Chicago
They need to go there

Yet there is something
The veteran hunter wanted to conceal
He made a demon deal with Crowley
With a picture on Crowley’s phone as proof
The deal was sealed with a kiss is what Crowley has revealed

Later to the convalescent home
Sam and Dean go
Certain Pestilence is there
The Horseman will show

Down the hallway
In the air
Illness is thick
Sam and Dean are very sick

Falling into the room
With sickness they greet
Pestilence is there
The Horseman they meet

Disease is what Pestilence does crave
The Winchesters conditions appear grave
But Castiel comes in to save the day
Cutting the ring from Pestilence’s hand
The threat goes away

While Death is in Chicago
The Croatoan virus will be mass delivered
Niveus Pharmaceuticals plan
To create “Croats”
You understand

One piece of great news
Crowley does talk
A clause in Bobby’s demon deal contract
Bobby Singer can now walk

Sam and Bobby and Castiel
Crowley and Dean
A plan takes root
Its success remains to be seen

Sam stops the demons
So no Croatoan virus
The masses will face
While Dean is in Chicago
Meeting Death in a pizza place

Dean and Death strike a deal
Death’s ring in exchange for Sam
To jump in Hell’s fiery pit
Is the bargain revealed