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Supernatural episode The Third Man in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

A cop turns into a pool of blood
A second cop becomes a mess of boils
And there are locusts in another cop’s head
Something strange is happening
The supernatural should make all afraid

These are Egyptian plagues
Not what you see everyday
What can the Winchesters do
To drive this threat away

Sam and Dean have learned
Christopher Burch was a kid with no face
The tragic pawn of dirty cops
When law enforcement is such a disgrace

Aaron Burch has the staff of Moses in his hand
Revenge on the cops who killed his brother
This weapon is perfect for Aaron to hold
Aaron said he got the staff from an angel
There is truth in the story that Aaron told

In exchange for the staff
His soul was how Aaron did pay
Castiel uses a spell
To find the name of the angel on this day

Balthazar is the name of the angel
A friend who Castiel adored
But Castiel had thought
His friend Balthazar had died in Heaven’s war

Later for Castiel and the Winchesters
They located Balthazar
It is true
But Raphael is in the house and will kill Castiel
What will the Winchesters’ angelic friend be able to do

In the end it is Balthazar who saves Castiel
By using an angelic weapon
To turn Raphael into salt
The boys put Balthazar in a circle of holy fire
Threatening him to remove the brand on souls that is his fault