How can we ever thank the songwriter, a poem for Nicki Aycox by Tracy Diane Miller

How can we ever thank the songwriter
A debt we can never repay
For the joy that music brings us
Each and every day

For we can be weary
Wallow in despair
Then to hear a song
Wraps our heart with care

I often write
How Nicki Aycox is who I admire
For Nicki gives compassion
Through her songs that so inspire

I hear Johnny
The lyrics ring true
A reminder of someone
I long ago knew

Charcoal Rain delivers
With so much delight
A song for hearts to cherish
On even the darkest night

And My Secret provides a message
Nostalgia is not afraid to live
Those flashes of memory
With pain and joy to give

How can we ever thank the songwriter
Does a poet even know
For the music feeds our soul
My gratitude is endless
More than anyone can know