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Supernatural episode Live Free or TwiHard in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Kristen goes to a club
Under age is she
The teen doesn’t care
She uses a fake id

Robert is there
He is Kristen’s white knight
Why is she not afraid to learn
That Robert is a vampire who stalks the night

Robert tells Kristen
He will take her to his world to see
But Kristen is in danger
Caught in a deadly destiny

The Winchesters are on the case
To Kristen’s room they go
Hacking into her computer
Discovering what they need to know

Off to the Black Rose
Where the Winchesters suspect
That the vampires find conquests
Sadly Dean is turned into a vampire
At least a hunter can infiltrate a vampire nest

Samuel Campbell has the cure
To turn Dean back so he won’t die
But first Dean goes to see Lisa
So he can say goodbye

Going to see Lisa
Wasn’t a good idea for Dean to be so near
For Dean must fight his vampire urges
Hurting Lisa and Ben is what Dean fears

Hiding Dead Man’s Blood
In the vampire nest is where Dean goes
Finding the vampire who turned him
Is Dean’s goal you know

What Dean doesn’t expect
Is a message from the Alpha Vamp
That comes about
The force of the vibrations
Causes all the vampires to pass out

When Dean wakes up
The vampires chase him
For he is a traitor in their eyes
But the hunter turned vampire
Has strength which should come as no surprise

Dean beheaded the vampire who turned him
And found success with the Campbell cure
Yet the image of Sam watching Dean get turned
Is a memory that will endure