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Supernatural episode Weekend At Bobby’s in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Have you ever wondered
What Bobby Singer’s life is like day and night
Advising other hunters
While fighting the good fight

Well pull up a chair and listen
To this tale that is told
After you learn about Bobby Singer
Maybe gratitude will unfold

The first thing you have to remember
Is that Bobby must get out of his demon deal as well
He needs to summon Crowley
Now the King of Hell

Crowley is a clever one
You didn’t read your contract
To Bobby is what he said
I only have to make “best efforts”
To return your soul
I tried but I can’t I’m afraid

Having his hands full with Crowley
Of course will be tough
But having to constantly advice other hunters
Clearly must be rough

You must consider there are the Winchesters
Sam and Dean are like his surrogate sons
Yet he always has to save their bacon
And hear them complaining about each other
Surely can’t be fun

In Kenosha, Wisconsin
The brothers find a claw
Such a strange object
A thing that they never saw

It’s Bobby to the rescue
Researching day and night
The creature is a Lamia
And Bobby provides several ways in which to fight

Dean only listens to the easiest way
To kill a Lamia
Dean is impatient this is true
Later Dean will call back
For another way to kill a Lamia
That Bobby knew

In his basement
Bobby has a demon captive anyway
What is Crowley’s real name
Bobby wants to know this day

Marcy is a neighbor
Smitten with Bobby one can tell
Marcy does her best
To get Bobby to come to her house as well

Killing a Lamia
Using a flame works best
Dean found success
As he is able to put the Lamia to rest

The police show up at Bobby’s door
Looking for Rufus is what they do
Thankfully Sheriff Mills runs interference
The supernatural is something in which her colleague has no clue

Bobby later learns
The Okami didn’t stay dead
An Okami feeds on single white female
So Marcy should be afraid

Bobby fights the Okami
As Marcy’s wood chipper does the trick
But the sight of Marcy covered in blood
Would possibly make you sick

Fergus MacLeod is Crowley’s real name
Crowley’s son is Gavin
Who died in a shipwreck coming to America
Just the same

Meanwhile Rufus got Gavin’s ring
From a museum
Rufus did prevail
Now to swallow the stolen ring
Or else he’ll end up in jail

Sheriff Mills is very helpful
By arresting Rufus on a fake charge
This way Rufus can get the ring to Bobby
Before “escaping” becoming a man at large

Bobby does a spell
Summoning Gavin’s ghost
The spirit of Crowley’s son comes to be
Getting information to blackmail Crowley you see

When Bobby later summons Crowley
And Gavin also appears
Father and son loathe each other
Nothing can endear

The Winchesters are in Scotland
As Crowley later learns
If the King of Hell doesn’t destroy Bobby’s contract
The boys will burn his bones