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Supernatural episode You Can’t Handle The Truth in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean is still upset
Did Sam let him get turn
So he is left to wonder
That is not my brother
Dean is sure he will learn

Confiding in Bobby
And wanting the veteran hunter to use his research skills
To find out what they are up against
This monster with his brother’s face
Dean is ready to kill

A demon or a shapeshifter
Or maybe Lucifer is riding shotgun in the car
These are some scenarios
That Dean must consider thus far

Meanwhile in the town
There may be another supernatural case
For there have been several suicides
A mystery that the Winchesters can chase

Jane was a Biggerson’s waitress
The truth is what she did seek
But the truth came crashing down
A flood of honesty for others to speak

Her sister wasn’t supportive
In fact her words so cruel
How could a sister be so heartless
What about the Golden Rule

Jane kills herself
And when a patient to his dentist
Did tell
Incidents of inappropriate conduct with the dentist’s daughter
The dentist drills the patient to death as well

Later while having a drink in a bar
When Dean asks for the truth out loud
The bartender and a patron
Give him their truths
Pouring forth as effortlessly as a rain cloud

Even Bobby gives Dean the truth
When Bobby is who Dean calls
The veteran hunter is a Tori Spelling fan
And gets a pedicure at a mall

Lisa gives Dean the truth
From her he didn’t need to know
How unhealthy she feels his relationship is with Sam
Yet still she told him so

When Dean seeks the truth from Sam
Sam claims he can not lie
Sam told Dean he froze when he saw the
vampire turn Dean
Not that he willingly stood by

Later in the motel
Researching on the computer gives Sam a hit
When people asks the goddess Veritas for the truth
Veritas doesn’t just give the truth
She slams you with it

Following a local television reporter
After recordings offer clues
In her house
The Winchesters see the bodies
The tributes to Veritas come due

After some hairy moments
Veritas is who the Winchesters kill
But Dean’s anger with Sam has boiled over
Punching his brother with unrelenting skill