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Crowley and boysth (33)th (27)th (26)


Supernatural episode All Dogs Go To Heaven in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Sam and Dean are livid
Working for Crowley is now their fate
Punching a demon’s time clock
Is a job any hunter would hate

As far as Samuel was concerned
Dean had his suspicion
Now the brothers must bring the Alphas they find to Crowley
Hardly a noble mission

Werewolves turning on a full moon
Is so 2009
To locate an Alpha werewolf
Will this be hard for Sam and Dean to find

A landlord is killed
A tenant the landlord planned to evict
But Mandy is not a monster
The Winchesters can’t prematurely convict

Sam is on surveillance
Watching from afar
When Lucky the dog changes into a man
A tangible clue so far

Lucky now the man
Meets with another guy
Could this be an Alpha as well
Because from a distance
Sam can’t tell

Lucky smells the air
Sensing something isn’t right might be the case
Then Lucky runs
And Sam begins to give chase

Lucky the man
Darts behind a tree
Once again a dog
Shedding his clothes for Sam to see

Once Lucky is in the street
Sam watches from afar
When Lucky is struck
By a moving car

Sam calls Dean
From what Bobby told
Lucky is a skin walker
A werewolf cousin to behold

In a dog pound
Lucky is found
Then the Winchesters put
A silver collar on his neck around

Back in the motel
There are questions of Lucky
The Winchesters ask
Learning about a skin walker sleepier cell
To turn humans with one bite is a sinister task

In the end
Lucky can’t turn Mandy and her son
He’s a hero who saves the day
But because of the family’s distrust
Lucky is sent away