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Supernatural episode Caged Heat in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Crowley tortures an Alpha shapeshifter
This monster shares Crowley’s face
Seeking the location of Purgatory
The King of Hell’s goal to find the place

Crowley threatens the baby shapeshifters
Thinking these babies the Alpha adores
But the smug Alpha shapeshifter says
Kill them because we will just make more

The Alpha shapeshifter doesn’t seem
At all afraid
Crowley grows impatient
And it’s off with the Alpha’s head

Meanwhile in the Impala
Dean continues to complain
His annoyance working for a demon
Is his constant refrain

In the Winchesters’ latest hideout
They face a familiar foe
Meg has the brothers captive
There is information she wants to know

Where does Crowley take the monsters
The Winchesters find
But Sam is unafraid
A plan brews in his mind

Working with Meg
Against Crowley may be best
Maybe Sam can get his soul back
His ultimate quest

The Winchesters want insurance
Castiel’s help is what they need
Sam makes up a story about The Ark of the Covenant
A scheme that does succeed

Castiel is curious
Appearing in sight
To answer Sam’s call
This very night

The Winchesters and Castiel
To Samuel Campbell they go
If anyone can locate Crowley
Grandpa Campbell must know

What does Crowley have on you
To work for a demon is scary
Samuel Campbell finally reveals
That Crowley can resurrect Mary

Samuel Campbell will not help his grandsons
But later changes his mind
Telling them Crowley’s location
The King of Hell they go to find

The Winchesters and Castiel
With Meg and her demons
On Crowley’s trail
Yet when they’re trapped inside
And hellhounds are near
Will the group prevail

Meg surprises the brothers
She and Castiel share a kiss
Such a big deal
I learned that from the pizza man
Castiel proudly revealed

Meg has Castiel’s angel blade
Hellhounds she is poised to fight
While The Winchesters and Castiel
Look for Crowley this night

Walking the halls
A flash of light and Castiel disappears
Courtesy of the angel begone sigil
Samuel Campbell put near

Crowley’s demons put Sam and Dean
In separate cells
For the fate of the Winchesters
This doesn’t bode well

Later when Dean fights demons
A demon meal looks like Dean may be
Sam makes a devil’s trap on the ceiling
With his own blood
An ingenious thing to see

Christian sports
Black demonic eyes
His skill torturing Meg
Should come as no surprise

Dean kills Christian and saves Meg
Putting Crowley in a devil’s trap
Can you get my soul back
Is what Sam does desire
When Crowley says no
Castiel sets Crowley on fire

Later to Dean
Sam does confess
Perhaps being soul less guy
Is actually for the best