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Supernatural episode Clap Your Hands If You Believe in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

In Elwood, Indiana
The Winchesters are on the case
Of UFO abductions
In which several have taken place

Hunters doubt the existence of aliens
These claims can’t be true
Still the Winchesters work the case
Piecing together the clues

The Winchesters talk to Mr. Brennan
A watch maker in town
His son Patrick was taken
The brothers found

In the cornfield
To see what he can find
Is that a space ship after Dean
Or is he losing his mind

With a gun in one hand
And a cell phone in another
Dean Winchester vanishes
And Sam looks for his brother

To a camp where believers in UFOs
Can be found
Sam locates Wayne Whitaker, Jr.
An expert in UFOs hanging around

Sam reads the alien abduction accounts
Surprisingly a few pages
A young woman seemingly an UFO “groupie”
Sam quickly engages

Meanwhile Dean reappears in the cornfield
Then walks back to town
When he opens the door
Sam and the UFO groupie in bed
Is what Dean found

Sam goes to do research
In the motel is where Dean stays
When Dean is attacked by a fairy
He microwaves her this day

Later the Winchesters go to see Marion
She feels not UFOs but fairies to blame
For the abductions in town
That have happened all the same

Fairies love cream
And grains of sugar or salt
They’ll count you see
Losing their focus and confusion to be

Sam goes to Mr. Brennan
Dean walks on the street
Thinking a fairy is stalking him
His stalker he beats

But it is not a fairy
It is the DA
Dean shouts to Sam
You fight those fairies
Before by the police
Dean is taken away

Sam is with Brennan
Who wants to send the fairies
Back with a spell
To Sam’s shock
The younger Winchester learns
Wayne Whitaker, Jr. is a leprechaun as well

Dean is in jail
By a mystery man he’s attacked
Sam is beaten by Wayne Whitaker, Jr.
Leprechauns have the knack

Sam opens a container
To the floor falls some salt
Wayne Whitaker, Jr. stops to count the grains
Ending his assault

Sam reads the spell
The mystery man
The leprechaun
And the fairies
All vanish from sight
This case now over
But there will be more supernatural threats to fight