Ode to Nicki Aycox’s Red Velvet Room, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

A poet experiences gratitude
From the music she has heard
To confer with a Muse
Then to weave poetic words

Each day I am fortunate
For the music that feeds my desire
I can acknowledge the blessing
By the words these songs inspire

So this verse is my tribute to Nicki Aycox’s  music
An ode to these marvelous songs
The rapture to sustain me
Certain I can’t go wrong

I love the song Johnny
It is a memorable treasure
For all listeners know
Johnny offers understated pleasure

Charcoal Rain is brilliant
The lyrics and melody unite
An undeniable wonder
To fill hearts with delight

The thing about My Secret
The song will speak to you
The emotions that you felt afraid to share
Will sparkle bright and true