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Supernatural episode Appointment in Samarra in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Dean goes to see Dr. Robert
A plan in Dean’s mind
To talk to Death about getting Sam’s soul back
For a spirit Death is easiest to find

Courtesy of Dr. Robert
For a few minutes Dean will be dead
A risky undertaking
Surprisingly Dean seems not afraid

Dr. Robert’s plan works
Time is what Dean needs
But will Death help Dean
Will this scheme be able to succeed

Dean is now dead
A spirit after all
With a few words of Latin
Tessa the reaper appears when Dean calls

Not only is Tessa there
But Death appears too
Death wants Dean to cut the hubris
And tell him what Dean needs for him to do

Can you get Sam’s soul out of Hell
Along with Adam’s soul as well
Pick one is what Death commands
Only one brother’s soul from the pit where it dwells

Sam’s soul is Dean choice
A contest Death reveals
Dean will want to win this prize
Sam’s soul is the ultimate deal

Death wants Dean to wear Death’s ring
To be Death for one day
If Dean wins the contest
Death promises to restore Sam’s soul right away

When Dean tells Bobby and Sam
Of Death’s plan
Sam is livid
It’s not Dean’s life on the line you understand

Later while Dean is posing as Death
Sam summons Balthazar as well
An angelic favor Sam needs
His dilemma to Balthazar is what Sam tells

Is there a spell
To keep a soul at bay
Is the desperate query
That Sam asks Balthazar this day

You need to scar your vessel
To make it so uninhabitable
For a soul to keep away
Is the advice that Balthazar does convey

You need the blood of your father
But your father need not be blood that’s the key
Sam will have to kill Bobby
Not so difficult for a soul less guy you see

Dean has his own troubles
Being Death is quite a chore
To take the soul of a robber not hard
But there is definitely more

Taking the soul of a heart attack patient
Isn’t an easy task
Yet to take the soul of a terminally ill twelve year old girl
How could Death even ask

When Dean refuses
A deadly domino effect comes into play
A tragic car accident
Claims a nurse’s life this day

Meanwhile back at Bobby’s
His surrogate father Sam is poised to kill
A game of cat and mouse
That Sam uses some skill

To stop innocent people from dying
Dean makes a difficult choice you see
To remove the ring and not be Death
Is Sam’s soul in Hell where it will always be

Dean also allows the twelve year old to die
A heart breaking decision
Dean makes
To restore the natural order is why

Before Sam can kill Bobby
Dean does return
To stop a homicidal brother
A punch in the face
And imprisonment in the panic room
Is what Sam earns

To Dean’s surprise
To retrieve Sam’s soul from Hell
Is where Death goes
Don’t scratch the wall Death warns Sam
For Hell memories you won’t want to know

From Death’s briefcase
Sam’s soul is a bright light
Sam screams out in pain
When his soul and body reunite