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Supernatural episode Like A Virgin in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

After Death restored Sam’s soul
In the panic room he sleeps
Will he ever awake
Or will a coma be his fate to keep

Dean wants to work a case
To keep thoughts of his brother off his mind
Bobby tells him of a plane crash
And a victim no one can find

Surprisingly Sam wakes up
A miracle after all
But with no memories of the last year
Or his time soul less can he recall

Dean sees this as a blessing
To keep the Hell nightmare for Sam at bay
Death warned don’t scratch the wall
Or the horror of the time in Lucifer’s cage will be conveyed

Later there is another victim
In the hospital her story she tells
The thing that attacked her was huge like a bat
And stole her gold promise ring as well

What supernatural creature likes virgins
And also craves gold
Time to search the lore
For information can be told

Sam is busy researching
Dragons is what he finds
When Dean calls Bobby
An expert on dragons
Named Dr. Visyak springs to Bobby’s mind

Dean goes to see Dr. Visyak
Apparently she is Bobby’s ex flame
But the important thing Dean learns
She has a sword to kill dragons all the same

Yet the sword is embedded
Tightly on a rock
Dean must remove the sword
They are racing against the clock

Meanwhile Sam calls Bobby
A lead on where dragons lair up is what Sam needs
Bobby says look for places that are cold, wet and dark
Sam thinks of sewers
Will the Winchesters succeed

Dean can’t remove the sword
Despite using all his might
But there’s another solution
A small explosion Dean will use this night

The explosion isn’t a complete victory
A little sword is better than none
The Winchesters are off to the sewer
The real fight has just begun

After some hairy moments
The boys fight the dragons
But some of the dragons get away
Sam and Dean are off to see Bobby
Who has news to give them this day

There is a way to open a door to Purgatory
Where monsters can escape
The evil to humanity that will befall
And hunters will also face the parent to the monsters
The Mother of All