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Supernatural episode Mannequin 3: The Reckoning in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

To get their mind off Sam’s Hell flashbacks
The Winchesters work a case
It’s off to Patterson, NJ
A new supernatural threat in which to chase

A janitor was killed in a chem lab
The anatomy dummy is there as well
What supernatural is lurking
Clearly an anatomy dummy won’t be able to tell

When a factory worker is also killed
The mannequins saw the deed
The EMF reader goes off
Are these mannequins haunted
Will this theory be able to succeed

Sam does research
A seamstress named Rose Brown
Who worked at the factory went missing a year ago
Off to see Rose’s sister Isabelle who also works at the factory
To discover what she may possibly know

Meanwhile Dean goes to see Lisa
After a frantic call from Ben
When Dean gets to the house
Not so easy to explain to Ben
Why Dean and Lisa’s relationship did end

Sam sees a Christmas picture
The victims worked at the factory
Did they know Rose as well
Was there foul play involving Rose
The fact Rose is a vengeful spirit is a theory that begins to gel

Sam questions factory workers
An employee named Johnny seems nervous with something to hide
Later in the factory Johnny is trapped inside
Rose’s spirit animated an object and Johnny is almost killed
Johnny confessed that the workers played a prank on Rose
What a sadistic skill

The prank turned deadly
And Rose accidentally died
Instead of notifying the police
Rose’s body they decided to hide

The factory workers were afraid
That Rose’s death would result in an arrest
So they unceremoniously dumped her body
Poor Rose didn’t get a peaceful rest

Sam goes off to burn Rose’s bones
So the nightmare might end
But Johnny is killed
When Rose’s spirit possessed
Johnny’s life sized doll and “special friend”

Sam goes back to see Isabelle
The deaths have been caused because of her
Isabelle lives with Rose’s kidney
Rose’s spirit is attached to the kidney
That’s how traveling to the factory and college
For the spirit did occur

Later Rose’s spirit possesses the Impala
And soon Baby give chase and Dean must flee
But the end result is tragedy
For Isabelle dies you see